Improving lives.

At its heart, that’s what advancing sexual and reproductive health does for all South Carolinians. We believe passionately in stewarding this cause while aggressively — and with great discipline and responsibility — working to decrease the number of unintended pregnancies across our state.

In our first decade, our more than $20 million in grants targeted communities and individual schools where we saw sexual and reproductive health education and access to affordable reproductive healthcare services make a significant difference. Now into our second decade and through the gracious funding of major donors, we have set a new course to have even greater impact statewide. We have the opportunity to address the lack of health provider services in every South Carolina county and serve as the vocal advocate for policies that help address this significant shortage.

Through it all, our vision remains clear. By focusing the foundation’s efforts in these strategic areas, we have an unprecedented opportunity to achieve a healthier South Carolina.

What the experts say

There are so many overwhelming healthcare issues facing us right now. But unintended pregnancy is solvable and, if mitigated, would have tremendous impact on our state’s public health. The work being done by New Morning can improve the lives of countless South Carolinians.”

  • Dr. Anne Graham Masters
  • Board Member, New Morning
    OB/GYN, Greenville, SC