Bonnie Adams Kapp


Bonnie Kapp, New Morning’s Executive Director, has a permanent seat on the foundation’s Board of Directors. She has 25 years’ professional experience in philanthropy, charitable fundraising and nonprofit management. She is both personally and professionally committed to the empowerment of girls and young women through better education and increased access to family planning and contraceptives, especially highly effective methods. She hopes to leverage the experiences and accomplishments of New Morning in South Carolina to help other states within the southern region make progress in terms of sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice. In addition to her work at New Morning, Mrs. Kapp serves as a philanthropic advisor to two charitable funds. She is a native of Washington, DC, a graduate of Furman University, a mother of three, stepmother to two, and has one grandchild. She is married to J. Michael Kapp of Columbia, SC, with whom she shares a passion for sailing.