When South Carolinians have equitable access to reproductive health care and medically accurate information about contraceptive methods, they are more in control of their health, safety, education, careers and families’ well-being.

Here’s how we’re working to empower all South Carolinians.

Reducing Unintended Pregnancies

by at least 25 percent by 2021.

Improving Access

to high-quality, community-based reproductive health services by at least 25 percent by 2021.

Increasing Consumers’ Knowledge

about highly effective, long-acting contraceptive methods by at least 25 percent by 2021.

Increasing Healthcare Providers’ Knowledge

about contraceptive care best practices and the latest contraceptive technologies, including highly effective, long-acting methods.

Improving State Policies

directly related to our initiatives.

Sustaining Achieved Improvements

to benefit South Carolina’s teens, women and men beyond the life of New Morning.

What the experts say

Physicians and nurses should educate patients on low-maintenance methods as contraceptive options. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists agrees.”

  • Kay K. Chitty, EdD, RN
  • Board Member, Medical University of South Carolina Foundation
    Former Dean, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga School of Nursing