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By removing cost barriers and expanding equitable access to family planning counseling and birth control, our clinical network has been able to serve 1 in 3 South Carolina women.

infographic: 1 in 3 SC women have accessed free or low-cost birth control

Progress to Date In South Carolina

Updated December 2023

487,585 women served with
contraceptive care

71,808 long-acting, reversible contraceptive methods administered

2.2m+ visits to birth control education and appointment website

$119m+ average annual estimated savings
to the state

See the Math

273,723 short-acting hormonal
contraceptive method users

$58m+ invested in healthcare

Voices of Change

Real stories from actual patients across South Carolina.

Sarah is a 28-year-old single mother of three children under the age of five, currently in a committed relationship. She’s in her first year of college, determined to earn a bachelor’s degree and start a career that will provide for her family. Sarah knows that if she becomes pregnant with a fourth child, it will derail her plans. At one of our partner-clinics, a nurse practitioner counseled her about all contraceptive methods, and Sarah chose a Nexplanon implant, which will protect her from an unwanted pregnancy for three to five years — enough time for her to earn her bachelor’s degree. Because Sarah is low-income and uninsured, New Morning covered the cost of her implant, which would have been $900+. “If you have a set goal in life, you need to take care of yourself and work on your dreams,” Sarah said.

I’m putting college ahead of another pregnancy.

Nineteen-year-old Pamela has cerebral palsy from being born preterm at 23 weeks. She was a NICU “Miracle Baby” and then a “Miracle Child” for the Children’s Miracle Network. Despite the odds stacked against her, Pamela has met with success in life: she’s married, in school and had a baby last year. Given her medical history, Pamela wants to make certain she doesn’t get pregnant a second time until she is physically and mentally ready. The problem? Her insurer doesn’t cover contraception. However, through New Morning’s program, Pamela was able to receive an IUD, which she would have otherwise been unable to afford. Now she is protected from having an unwanted pregnancy for up to 10 years.

I’m married but not ready for baby #2.

Courtney has been without healthcare insurance for several years. She makes too much money to qualify for lower-cost insurance through the marketplace, but doesn’t make enough money to afford a few hundred dollars in healthcare payments every month. Interested in more affordable birth control, Courtney visited a partner-clinic that not only saved her hundreds in office visit costs, but also made low-cost birth control available. “It was nice to be trusted and receive help in continuing to manage my choices about my body,” Courtney said.

Without insurance I can’t afford birth control.

Enacting Change.

Our collective of diverse partners has built the infrastructure to drive systematic change for the women in our state, even in low-income and rural markets.

Support our work.

Let’s make sure no woman is denied the right to control their future. Our program provides free or low-cost birth control at 150+ clinics across South Carolina.