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Our Model

Today, any woman in South Carolina has an equal opportunity to get whatever birth control she chooses, no matter where she lives or her economic status. That’s because we’ve built a complex ecosystem of 150+ health centers and diverse partners to combat our state’s contraceptive deserts and systematically remove barriers to care. By equipping providers to offer patient-centered, non-coercive contraceptive counseling and eight methods of free or low-cost, FDA-approved birth control, we’re bringing new opportunity and freedom to the women of South Carolina.

We Work To:

Provide additional clinical personnel, training, birth control methods, medical equipment, technology and facilities improvement.

Promote these services via an integrated consumer communications program.

Facilitate increased demand and medical appointment requests through a call center and online system.

All hands on deck.

Better reproductive healthcare is only possible when providers have all the tools needed to break down barriers to care. New Morning has enabled many community and rural health clinics, college health centers and hospitals to offer high-quality birth control services for the first time, ensuring more women than ever before have access to these services.

We’re using every tool at our disposal to grow the provider program and achieve change for women across the state. And it’s working.

Support our work.

Let’s make sure no woman is denied the right to control their future. Our program provides free or low-cost birth control at 150+ clinics across South Carolina.