The Initiative:

ChooseWell SC

The Need

More than half of all pregnancies in South Carolina are unintended. And it is estimated they cost the state more than $200 million each year. With more women of reproductive age in need of publicly funded contraceptive and family planning services and a shortage of services in most South Carolina counties, there is a tremendous gap in solving this problem.

The South Carolina Initiative — Choose Well

To effect significant change, New Morning is serving as the backbone organization for the largest coordinated contraceptive access effort in our state’s history. It’s an alignment of South Carolina organizations with the shared vision to reduce unintended pregnancies and create a healthier South Carolina.

Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • Disseminating medically accurate and culturally appropriate information about all FDA-approved contraceptive methods
  • Increasing the number of healthcare providers in order to address the unmet need for contraceptive counseling and clinical services
  • Removing cost barriers to highly effective, long-acting contraceptive methods
  • Serving as a vocal advocate for policies to improve access to reproductive health services, especially for those living in the state’s medically underserved communities

Because when people have the tools and resources they need to take control of their reproductive health, they are empowered to truly Choose Well.

Thanks to the gracious support of foundations and major donors, we can achieve the following powerful results:

  • Improve access to effective contraceptive methods, especially costly implants and IUDs
  • Train and support healthcare providers to counsel about and offer contraceptive methods
  • Engage with community members to improve awareness of contraceptive methods and services
  • Work to create a more positive environment, enabling women and men to access the services they need

A third-party evaluator will assess the initiative over a four-year period to determine its efficacy and inform future efforts to reduce unintended pregnancies.