ChooseWell SC

The Need

South Carolina is an environment with tremendous barriers to care for many women and men, especially those in low-income areas. Numerous rural counties are medically underserved and have a shortage in contraceptive counseling and services. Thirty percent of counties have no OB/GYN providers and the average distance to a family medicine provider is 37 miles.

The Impact

New Morning is leading the largest statewide birth control access program in the Southeast, Choose Well. Choose Well works across a network of 111 health centers to equip providers to offer patient-centered, non-coercive counseling about all FDA-approved contraceptive methods.

We're making headway:

  • Ensuring equitable access to effective contraceptive methods, especially costly implants and IUDS, providing 1 in 4 women in South Carolina with free or low-cost birth control
  • Increasing the number of healthcare providers in order to address the unmet need for contraceptive counseling and clinical services
  • Removing cost barriers to highly effective, long-acting contraceptive methods
  • Serving as a vocal advocate for policies to improve access to reproductive health services, especially for those living in the state‚Äôs medically underserved communities

Because when people have the tools and resources they need to take control of their reproductive health, they are empowered to truly Choose Well.